How It Works

Selling your home to us is actually a very simple process. We work hard to understand your needs and make sure this is a hassle-free process. This will save you a ton of time from having to go back and forth with an agent and a buyer, then having to pay commissions and closing costs at settlement. A lot of times, our offers are very similar to what you would net either way.

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Drop us a line to get the ball rolling, or just ask a question. We’ll respond right away.

Get an Offer

We’ll provide a fast and fair cash offer for your house. If you’re happy with the terms, we move forward.


We’ll do a walk-through of the property to confirm its condition.

You Get Paid!

That’s it! You get your money 
the day of closing!


Our title company will oversee the closing and transfer of title with no closing costs charged to you.

Your Time Has Value

We believe your time is just as important as the value of your home. That’s why we’ve reinvented the entire selling process to ensure we provide the best customer experience.

With Myers, You'll Avoid the Hassle:

Risk of the deal falling through

We eliminate all of the factors that usually spoil a home sale. By offering cash, we eliminate the chance of the loan falling through. And with no appraisal, there’s no blowing up the deal based on an appraiser’s opinion of the house’s value.

Inconvenient showings

Allowing a parade of strangers into your house is never fun. Especially when they show up with little or no notice. We’ll schedule a showing directly with you at a time that is convenient and we’ll show up on time.

Keeping your home show-ready

Homes were meant to be lived in, not as if Better Homes & Gardens is going to show up at any minute to shoot photos for a feature article. We’ll be in and out once. And  there’s no need to get the home “show ready.” However bad you think your home looks—we’ve seen worse.

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